Natural Language Artificial Intelligence

Pushing the limits of technology through pure and applied research

Understand language intelligently

Use Artificial Intelligence to extract knowledge from English, Tagalog, Taglish, Domain-Specific, General, Colloquial language.

graphene.nlp("I like sinigang")
Context: "Food"
{"like":"affinity", "sinigang":"food"}
Time Completed: 0.6875691

Polyglot Artificial Intelligence

Plug and play Natural Language API.

Multi-language and multi-platform support.

Context-sensitive language understanding.

Train and customize your AI in minutes.

Intelligent AI Integration

We build AI platforms packaged as APIs that are ready to go for Systems Integrators. Our tools are rapidly usable with DialogFlow, Wit.AI, and even custom language understanding infrastructures.

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Artificial Intelligence Research

Indigo Research is the first applied AI research company in the Philippines. Our research focuses on Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and applied Complex Systems in Artificial Intelligence.



Indigo Research is an Artificial Intelligence consultancy founded by veteran data scientists, data strategists, and AI researchers who have worked on big data and machine learning products for some of the largest companies in the Philippines.

Research is our primary objective. We take bleeding-edge technologies fresh from the lab and work on applying these to impactful use-cases.

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